Surprise day today for Hollie Williams aged 15 & Thomas Williams aged 11 when the Charity surprised the youngsters. Please read their mothers story.

by | Jun 6, 2020

Born 2 weeks early at 3 days old she hasn’t passed meconium her weight dropped she was rushed in neonatal she was critical it was blockage bowel she was rushed from North tees to rvi Newcastle at 5 days old Hollie had emergency surgery meconiun illious we stayed Crawford house at 10 days old she was rushed back into theatre the intensive care staff were brilliant we prayed so much she was very poorly she had stoma they said have you heard of cystic fibrosis we said no idea tests were taking it was waiting game 4weeks later we came home to James Cook so wasn’t far from home in Billingham first night home Hollie stopped breathing she was blue my husband revived her I was wreck we were taught cpr if happened again we had few scares. I hated the stoma she cried all time was sick baby she grew pseudomonus from baby she had liver problems bowel problems struggled get long line in at age 2 they put port in it was best thing we ever done she has joint problems related to her cf she is at risk diabetes she has raynards yet she’s battled for 15 yrs ivs every 3 mths 15 weeks ago she has aspergillus and resistant pseudomonus she had ivs in hospital then covid 19 hit we were told take her home finish ivs at home we highly funerable and sheilding until September even later life been hard in disabled I have rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis osteo arthritis fybromyalga raynards chronic asthma spinal deterioration full body effected I use wheelchair I hate things I have ptsd and son autism spd hypermobility low muscle tone asthma rhinitis and special needs we struggle daily but my kids mean so much I’m proud of them hollies so brave.

We are so glad we could help and the smile’s say it all wishing you both happiness in the future love from all the team at Bringing Back a Smile