by | May 7, 2021

During Covid lots of local schools suffered closing due to the outbreak one of those schools was St Stephens C.E.Primary School.This was a very difficult time for staff and its pupils who were having to self-isolate for long periods and had to receive tutoring online at home.The Bringing Back A Smile Charity and its flagship sponsors Wealth of advice helped the school by donating a p.c. to their staff and also six tablets for them to distribute amongst some pupils who’s families could not afford such items due to being out of work.Its always a great thing when we can get involved and help make a difference said founder of the charity Kevin Hill.Although its not part of our usual charity work we felt during these unprecedented times we felt the education of our youngsters is paramount in their future efforts to help find employment.I would personally like to than Chris Breward c.e.o. of Wealth Of Advice for donating the p.c. to the staff of the school which helped them a lot to continue their teaching of pupils at the school.