A break at Daisy’s Den courtesy of Bringing Back A Smile.

by | Oct 12, 2022

❤️Another one of our superhero’s who has just returned home from a break at Daisy’s Den courtesy of Bringing Back A Smile.Isla-Rose from Peterlee and mum,dad and her sibling brother enjoyed a weekend break at Primrose Valley here is just a few things this girl has had to go through along with her family.

Isla-Rose is 10 years old and on the 1st June this year she was rushed into hospital with severe back pain and had lost the use of both of her legs. Two days later she was transferred to the RVI where she was diagnosed with a rare neurological condition call transverse myelitis which is where the immune system attacks the spinal cord leaving life-long damage she spent 8 weeks in the hospital receiving intensive physiotherapy and medical treatment. She now still has weekly physio and is now able to walk but uses her wheelchair for longer distances or on days when she’s tired. Before this Isla-Rose was a competitive dancer and her ultimate goal is to get back doing what she loves.