Lewis Gets Early 7th Birthday Surprise From Charity

by | Sep 5, 2017

Young Lewis Smith from Kimblesworth in County/Durham received an early 7th birthday surprise when charity founder Kevin Hill knocked on the youngsters door this morning and took Lewis and mam Sarah Oakley on a Surprise shopping trip to the Arniston Centre in Durham.The youngster who always wanted a nerve gun to play with his other friends with got a shock when the charity purchased Lewis a bike he thought he was getting for christmas from funds raised in Rotherham from the Yorkshire Darts Charity Day.Lewis mam Sarah said how much she appreciated the bike for Lewis but it didn’t surprise her one bit as she knows what the charity is all about putting smiles on kids faces and that is what most certainly happened today. She went on to say its fantastic that people like Daz Layden and Yorkshire Darts can take time out to do such an amazing thing and help raise the funds necessary to make a special day even more special for her son.Kevin is a really nice guy always putting everybody first before himself and making things happen not just for Lewis but for a lot of kids and adults throughout the north east and I’m so glad that we are a part of a great charity thank you all so much.xxx

Sarah Oakley